The latest features, playable NBA 2K MT spaces, and game mechanics in NBA 2k22 offer players many enjoyable game choices. There are a few differences between the new-gen console and the current-gen versions of the game, the major one being the inclusion the City on modern systems. Users on older gaming systems will be in the Neighborhood as well as on the Cancha Del Mar Cruise Ship instead of navigating around the City.

The City is a vast playing area that players can play around in leisure. It offers numerous opportunities to interact with NPCs and complete side quests. Players can upgrade to penthouses overlooking the city. When you enter a large, open-world area like the City, there comes the necessity of unlocking the spawn points. This will make it much easier to navigate around and enable you to complete your activities quickly.

Players can use Spawn points to begin their gameplay in a specific area of the city. The access to them will begin when the side mission Unlock Spawn Point becomes available. There are seven spawn points available for players to choose from.

When the side task is finished when the side quest is completed, all spawn points will be locked. The player must walk a specified distance across the city for the quest. Setting the spawn point can be done using the City map by choosing the desired area of spawning and then confirming it.

The Unlock Spawn Points side quest can be obtained through ATM an NPC within the city, and requires players to walk 26.2 miles. This is to be done by foot. Therefore, using the BMX skateboard, skateboard or rollerblades are not considered to count towards the total distance traveled. The player also has to be running, not walking. The progress indicator will be displayed on the left sidebar of the screen when the quest is being tracked. This allows players to determine how far they've ran.

The distance covered is Buy NBA 2K MT Coins calculated over time, therefore it's not required to be done all at one time. Be aware that running in the middle of nowhere won't count, and so continuous running will not work if there's obstacles in the path. All spawn points will be automatically locked after players complete the quest and completed the 26.2 miles. A spawn point is located on the map to one of 7 locations.