I use jQuery in specific use cases. One of those use cases is landing pages.

When running advertisements on social media, native platforms etc. it’s paramount that the core behavior of the page works in every browser. We do get traffic from users using ancient browsers (IE 9 etc). Not only that but


I use all the modern jazz such as babel and esbuild, but jQuery has never failed me for this use case. I’ve recently started using it on some of my smaller sites. If the move seems backwards it’s because I’m getting older and my time is important.


I love jQuery – I usually continue to use it for small features on existing sites. I personally think you’d love something like React for jQuery landing pages. Trust me, it can drastically speed up your workflow, and with the build system you already have (Babel, etc.) it should work in al the same browsers 


React is great. Used it many times. And Preact. Gatsby is great too for static site generators (although I still prefer Hugo, which I use to create the HTML for the landing pages because SEO is important too sometimes). I’ve been around the block a lot.

Also, jQuery makes possible the use of a lot of amazing JS plugins… With incredible coverage on older browsers.


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