This means that I would be more RS gold attentive to the mundane skills. If you're not that proficient, runespan and bonfires are still good options. But, I'd rather to learn other ways to craft skill training. For example, producing some items with great skill and being recognized for your efforts instead of mass-producing copies of jewelry, which reduces its value and popularity.

Please delete this if it is against the rules. This bug isn't harmful to anyone and I did not see any prohibition against using fun bugs. It shouldn't last too long. And it doesn't fit in the spirit or the rules to punish players who make use of glitches without causing any harm to the game or anyone else.

Tutorial Island is a buggy glitch, but it's a great one to use for nostalgic reasons. It's a highly sought-after glitch that anybody can play and it doesn't hurt anyone. This is simply an idea I had. Tutorial Island was a location that many cherish fondly. Do you want to go back to Tutorial Island again? Now you can!

Members are able to access this beta because of a bug in combat beta. Here's how it works You can use your normal character to put the logo of the hunter near the portals. Log out, then log into the beta version. In the beta, click "import save" and then login to the game. To the northwest of Tutorial Island, run through the barriers that are invisible. There is no wall at the northwest building so go in and climb down the ladder. You're in, Neo.

Clan Citadels are no longer effective a year later. The reason is that you can grind to get a prettier building. However the actual building doesn't really do much and isn't very efficient. Although it seems like a good reward but all that truly matters is the amount of xp you earn. But this is not the original purpose of the building. According to my experience, are pretty pointless.

You will find the parliament room in the keep. Sit at the edges, and you can't hear the speaker. If you crowd together, you could be meeting somewhere else. What is the point of having your clan meet up in game? Why not have something worth having there, in the prime space?

Clan avatars. Many hours of work, but with only a small gain. The most effective is an xp boost of 6%, which is 4 minutes of xp within an hour. This is not enough. Battlefields. They're fantastic technology, but do you know who is actually using them? People go to OSRS buy gold Clan Wars and the Wilderness when they are looking to wage war. Battlefields are often too solitary or bizarre.