The Face of the Franchise: Career modes are a popular feature in many sports video games over recent years. I'm an avid fan of Mut 22 coins the careers modes found in games like "NBA 2K," and EA Sports' "NHL" series. In the past few years, "Face of the Franchise" has undergone some adjustments. One of the more interesting features is the fact that you can make the role of a linebacker within "Madden 22." This wasn't something you could have done before.

Similar to the two previous installments, players begin with two College Football Playoff games, regardless of the college you pick. In previous installments of the game, you were required to play the entire high school year, that was a time-consuming process. After having played two College Football Playoff matches, this is the year to play. The Scouting Combine is not for you.

However, you still are a top draft selection and there's not much logic in it. My player, as an example, was a quarterback who was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the number one selection. 

With Trevor Lawrence already on the roster and the Jaguars already having a quarterback, why would Jaguars pick another signal caller? As for the selection process, I would appreciate some more logic. While "Face of the Franchise" is certainly better, I believe it could be more enjoyable and real and similar to other franchises that are in the field of sports gaming.

Sorting the NFL Week 3 Pile - Steelers and Colts are two teams that could panic early.Three weeks into the NFL season, we're beginning to gain a some clarity regarding various teams. We're not sure of cheap Madden 22 coins certain teams, including the Saints or Pats. Certain teams, such as Jacksonville as well as the two New York teams, are simply awful.