I am writing an MVC6 application that must run on an application server in order to interact with the database. Users must interface with the web interface through 443 and can only access content via a separate web server.


Web server can see application server over https/8443 which is the port I plan to use to run the application.


If I run the .Net application as a Windows service on the app server then can I just take the JavaScript/HTML5 code and place it on the .Net web server or do I need to write a separate web application proxy to translate traffic from 443 to 8443.


Just to reiterate, I cannot host the monolithic app on the IIS web server since it does not have SQL access. So, I need a solution that will allow the app to be proxied through IIS, either by placing the Js code there or writing a DotNet proxy.


Their only reverse proxy is for the public web servers, this will all be internal. I presume Kestrel is going to run the app on https/8443 (default https/5000) on the app server. I need a solution for IIS on Windows which is the internal web server that users can see over https/443.


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