When you think of saunas, many people think of the effects of activating metabolism and dieting, but did you know that saunas also have skin beautifying effects?

In this article, I'll show you how to enjoy saunas for beautiful skin, and the different types!

If you are interested in getting beautiful skin from sauna, please refer to this article.

Effects of Sauna on Beautiful Skin

The following are some of the reasons why sauna is effective for beautiful skin.

Make sure you understand each of these effects so that you can enjoy your sauna.

Detoxification effect

When your body warms up in a sauna, sweat starts to flow, but doesn't that sweat seem to be more slippery than the sweat that flows when you exercise?

The sweat that flows in a sauna is different from normal sweat in that it is mixed with waste and dirt accumulated in the skin and sweat glands.

If you can get rid of this dirt while you are in the sauna, your sweat will return to its normal silky state.

This is why you may feel that your skin is whiter after the sauna, because your skin is detoxified.

Sauna detoxification occurs not only on the face but also on the entire body, and there is no difference between men and women.

Effect of normalizing turnover

Skin turnover, which is easily disrupted by aging, stress, and lifestyle disturbances, can lead to dull and rough skin.

When your metabolism is boosted by sauna, this skin turnover is also accelerated.

With better blood circulation and active melanin removal, skin confidence will be restored and turnover will be normalized.

When skin turnover is normalized, skin irritation is less likely to occur.

Effect of regulating the autonomic nervous system

When the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, it can have various negative effects on the body as well as the skin, and may cause depression and insomnia.

The hot and cold stimulation of the sauna and cold water can regulate the autonomic nervous system by causing the blood vessels to repeatedly contract.

When your autonomic nervous system is in order and your mind is stable, you will be less likely to hold on to stress, which is the cause of rough skin.

Types of Saunas with Beautiful Skin Effects

There are several different types of saunas, each with slightly different effects.

Here are some saunas that are particularly effective for skin care.


Also known as the "Finnish sauna," this sauna is popular among women because it does not dry out the hair and skin.

Aromatic water is poured over the sauna stones to generate steam, which keeps the humidity in the sauna high.

The temperature is relatively low, less than 80 degrees, but the high humidity will raise the temperature you feel, warming your body to the core and moisturizing your hair as well as your skin.

You can also expect to be soothed by the aroma of the water.

How to enter

Before entering the laurel sauna, make sure to drink plenty of water.

Soaking in a bathtub to warm up your body before the sauna will help you perspire more.

Once your body is warm, sweat it out and then take a water bath to cool down.

Low temperature sauna

The low temperature sauna is a far-infrared sauna with the temperature set at a low 40-60 degrees Celsius.

The low temperature makes it easier on the body and is sometimes used for treatment to improve heart and high blood pressure.

It is also recommended for those who do not like hot weather, and is expected to help regulate the autonomic nervous system and improve insomnia and stress.

How to take a bath

After drinking enough water, enter the sauna.

Sweat will come out more slowly than in a high temperature sauna, so take your time and sweat for 10-15 minutes.

If you don't like to stay in the sauna for a long time, you can warm yourself up in the bathtub first for a shorter time.

Mist sauna and steam sauna

Mist sauna and steam sauna are also the same as low temperature sauna, with the temperature set as low as 40 degrees Celsius.

The temperature is easy to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, so you will be able to relieve your daily tension.

It is recommended when you want to regulate your autonomic nervous system and rest your mind.

How to enter

As with any other sauna, take in water and sweat slowly.

Although the temperature is low, do not enter until you feel pain.

Dry sauna

A dry sauna is a sauna with a room temperature of 80-90 degrees and low humidity.

The high temperature and dryness of the sauna can be hard on the skin, so try to enjoy it as much as you can.

How to enter

Since dry saunas are in dry rooms, it is best to drink plenty of water before enjoying them.

It is also a good idea to go back and forth between the water bath and the dry sauna to warm up your body in a short time.

Salt sauna

The salt sauna is a highly detoxifying sauna for the skin.

It is characterized by the presence of salt in a humid room, and its temperature is as low as 50-60 degrees Celsius.

How to enter

After taking enough water, warm up your body in the bathtub before entering the salt sauna.

After wiping off your body, enter the salt sauna, and after your body has warmed up, put salt on your body without rubbing.

Wait for the salt to blend with your sweat, and then gently massage your body.

After the sauna, shower off the salt and take a water bath to tighten your pores.

Recommended goods with skin beautifying effects other than sauna
We have already told you about the skin beautifying effects of sauna, but sauna is not something you can easily use at home.

However, saunas are not something you can easily use at home. For those of you who lead busy lives, here are some goods that you can use at home every day that will give you beautiful skin.

Face masks

Face masks are one of the skin beautifying products that you can easily use.

Prices vary depending on the product, but some inexpensive ones can be obtained for less than 1,000 yen for a pack of 30.

All you have to do is to leave them on for a few minutes after bathing or washing your face, and you can easily incorporate them into your life.

If you choose a product that contains your favorite scent, you will be able to relax.


In our daily lives, we may be lacking the nutrients necessary for beautiful skin.

If you take supplements to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs, you won't have to worry about that.

There are so many different types of supplements available at affordable prices nowadays, so try to take supplements that contain nutrients that you feel you are not getting on a regular basis.

Facial skincare tools

Facial skincare tool is a skin care product that allows you to have an aesthetic experience at home, and there are many different types of facial equipment available.

Let's take a look at the features and effects of each type.

Massage type

No power supply or batteries are required to use this type of device, and it promotes blood flow to the face by gliding it over the face.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use it, so you can use it whenever you feel like it or while doing housework. We recommend L&L Skin MIO2 Face Lifting Massager for your daily facial skincare.

Steamer type

This is a type that can remove tension on the skin surface by applying steam to the face.

It is highly effective in promoting blood flow, and is effective in preventing fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and dryness.

Depending on the product, a number of functions are available, such as the amount of steam and cold mist.

Introduction/conduction type

This type uses electricity to remove dirt from the skin and penetrate skin care products into the skin.

Most of them are used by gliding a panel-shaped facial device over the skin.

Ultrasonic type

This is a type of facial device that works on the skin using ultrasonic waves, a sound of 20,000 Hz or higher.

Lifting, massaging, and cleansing effects can be expected.

In particular, wavelengths of about 5MHz are said to promote the penetration of cosmetics.

Facial cleansing brush

A special brush is used to cleanse the face while moving it automatically or manually to avoid damaging the skin.


Emits heat to improve the surface temperature of the skin and promote blood flow and lymph flow.

This method is also used in esthetic salons, and will give your skin a firmer appearance.