Imagine being able to mt nba 2k22 dunk like LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Dreams really do come true in NBA 2K22. LeBron's legendary set of Tomahawk Slams are displayed to the fullest. Beyond the power and sheer violence of the dunk, they are actually very intelligent dunks for athletes who are strong enough to perform them. When the ball is kept behind the body, those who block under the rim won't be able to get a hand on the ball.

The best dunk programs are able to slow down a slightly as they near the edge, but not when it comes to Russell Westbrook's dunks. These dunks appear to turn up the speed as the MyPlayer blasts at the hoop and completely cut off any hope of stopping him on time. There are some fantastic tomahawks and back-scratchers here, too, which only add to the package's great ball security.

Although many of the most famous basketball players featured on this list have impressive moves that lead towards the rim, they typically lack any notable moves while standing underneath the hoops. That's where Zion Williamson's package comes into play, adding some of the most powerful and quickest moves to the hoop from both the inside and outside the paint.

At least one baseline application is essential, the default animation gets blocked most of the time. The reverses of one are the most popular among these because they get the ball away from the defense as quickly as they can. The dunk that is on the opposite side of the basket prevents defensive players from making a play.

Quickly drop the ball and then rapidly bring it back down to the ground. This package is best for keeping the ball out of reach of tall defenses. Though buy Nba 2k22 Mt the drawback is generally slow speed, it is not an issue if you're only one foot away.