This has to be one of most common questions asked about resin surfaces. So to help your customers make the right choice for their property, we take look at the differences between the two surfacing systems.

The main differences are the thickness that the system is applied gravel binder b&q, the application method, its appearance and the aggregates used.

Thickness – A resin bound system is applied between 15-25mm thick. The bonded system is applied as a thin veneer of resin and then aggregate on top approximately 5mm thick depending on aggregate size.

Application– Resin Bound is trowel applied. The Bonded system scatters aggregate  on top of wet resin.

Appearance – Resin Bound Systems create a uniform, flat surface. The Bonded System is rough in texture,  taking on the appearance of the aggregate that  sits on top of the resin.

Aggregates– Resin Bound systems use a combination of 2 or more grades of aggregates that are different sizes (2-5mm and 1-3mm). The Bonded system normally uses one size grade of aggregate such as a 1-3mm.