exipure complaints  things aren't good maybe it's like a famine so store all the calories and put them around my intestines around my liver so I got myself protected so you're although your body's trying to help it's doing the wrong thing for you it creates this stress type collection of fat which tends to be sort of dangerous there's at least so many of the issues that we fear if things like heart disease like we don't want that so your solution is pretty simple you're going to try if you can to eat carbohydrates but the right kind okay they're gonna sue to you and you're gonna want that warm you know why think about this the carbs of course we all know that they you know they makes more that feel-good hormone serotonin but the warmth also soothes you it helps to stress you so what I'm asking to do is you know do the regular things are good for your body but add to it something to address with your main problems which is the stress so I come over here I got a little idea for you this could be your breakfast going for it I sort of took one of our day off diet morning smoothies and I modified it okay so a little bit of you know some yogurt this is almond butter to some flax seeds