Players have several choices when deciding on villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are many various species from which to choose and each gets its own personalities and preferences. However, don't assume all villagers can be popular. In fact, there are many New Horizons villagers so unremarkable or undesirable players might not even know they exist until stumbling across them with a Mystery Island during an adventure.

According to data provided by Blue Planet Aquarium, Clyde is the least popular villager in Animal Crossing. Unfortunately, Clyde has a mixture of poor personality and poor skin tone. Clyde is a lazy personality type, often in conflict with villagers with low self-esteem. He has a gluttonous habit and prefers food to activities. When talking with villagers every day, he is a bit bored.

Clyde is undoubtedly an aggressive shade of green-yellow and wears a pink-and-blue plaid shirt that clashes badly in reference to his body color. He has eyes that don't open, giving him a dull number of expressions when players Buy Animal Crossing Bells and get connected to him. Compared to Animal Crossing's Julian the unicorn, whose sky blue body and galactic sweater lead him to a colorful addition with a player's town, Clyde is undoubtedly an eyesore many players will want to avoid having to wander their island.

However, regardless of the lacking popularity shown for Clyde on different online polls, it seems the garish horse grows on players once he joins their town, based on players on Reddit. His questionable conversations and socially inappropriate comments can establish interesting interactions and have absolutely even endeared Clyde to players who are stuck with him for any span of time.

While Clyde is not likely to become a fan-favorite underdog for Animal Crossing players at any time toon, it's good to know that those that have accidentally acquired him may have a few things to seem forward to during his stay with their island. However, with superior alternative options, chances are players will swap Clyde out to get more popular choices when accumulating their Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager population after they have the opportunity.