I introduced you to the defensive pokemon: Aegislash. Today I also want to recommend some special pokemon for everyone. They are combat-type, but unlike the well-known combat-type Pokémon such as Machamp, Conkeldurr, and Lucario, which stand at the top of the food chain. You might even think they are vulnerable.

Falinks appears like it could be a great Bug-type Pokemon. Instead, this can be a pure Fighting-type. The Formation Pokemon includes a wonderful design. The concept behind it can be awesome. It doesn't fulfill that awesomeness though. Falinks has very lackluster stats and also a movepool it doesn't compare to a number of the more amazing Fighting-types.

Passimian is often a pure Fighting-type Pokemon. It looks just as if it should possess a Grass-typing also. That would perform way more weaknesses, but provide it with uniqueness. Instead, it can be relegated to underwhelming Fighting-type status. Just like the other Pokemon with this list, it can nothing to be noticeable. Passimian is absolutely just a counterpart to Oranguru that is certainly all. Shiny Passimian is as dazzling as other Shiny Pokemon and will not lose it because of its weakness unique.

Throh has decent HP and a good Attack. Ever since its introduction in Generation V, Throh hasn't done much to shine. There are so many other Fighting-type Pokemon that could do just what exactly Throh are able to do, and they can perform it significantly better. Its moveset isn't extraordinary as well as its Abilities aren't unique. Throh is simply another Fighting-type put into the list broke and alone exceptional concerning this.

Sawk could be the counterpart of Throh and happens upon the same issues. It includes a great Attack stat, but little else is as high. Like Throh, nothing is worth committing to Sawk. Machamp, Conkeldurr, and many others can outperform Sawk in just about every category. The concept of two polar opposite Fighting-types is cool, but simply just cool. Sawk and Throh are very underwhelming.

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