Since the Black Widow post-credits scene, it s appeared that Hawkeye and Elena Below are heading on an accident program.

The minute saw Florence Pugh s former-Widow at the graveside of Natasha Roman off, who compromised herself in Avengers: Endgame for the Spirit Rock-- rather than allow Jeremy Runner s Clint Barton be the one to review the edge. In Black Widow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Val informed Elena that Hawkeye was in charge of Natasha s death, and put the archer securely in Elena s crosshairs.

Hawkeye+ took a seat with Hawkeye director Rays Thomas, and asked whether we ll be seeing the Avenger and also assassin at each other s throats in the series.

BLACK WIDOW Nearly Returned From The Dead! - DELETED SCENES & CREDITS Explained

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I can t speak with that, he informs us. However yes, we understand their past, and also clearly what took place in Endgame. We understand in these very first 2 episodes that Clint s dealing with the after effects of that. However, in regard to how they satisfy, I can not-- I ll simply act I don t know. Picture it s a delighted conference, where they discuss coffee and also job points out.

With the MCU coming to be a sprawling leviathan of interconnected tales across multiple motion pictures and TV programs, we also talked to Thomas regarding exactly how Hawkeye ports right into the broader whole.

It s absolutely a standalone thing in that we have this Christmas setup, and also this extremely taken care of duration tale, he discloses. However it being the MCU, of course, it all links somehow as well. And we have actually got brand-new characters, as well as this was teed up at the end of Black Widow also. Therefore, whatever is always a nice entrance factor. However, I assume for the most part, the tale is its own little world.

Hawkeye arrives this November 24 on Disney And also, with the initial two episodes premiering together. In the meantime, have a look at our complete overview to Marvel Stage 4 for everything else the MCU has in shop for us.

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