The pandemic has had grave moments in almost every industry. Even the education industry suffered due to this global crisis and was forced to go digital even though the infrastructure wasn’t ready.

Fast-forward over a year into the pandemic, we have reached a point where the education sector has transitioned into EdTech and has become a full-fledged remote operation industry. The transition for the education industry has been sudden but commendable.


However, even though EdTech has become a fully digital sector, it still faces multiple challenges. For example, if you are into the education institute business, you might have to think of something similar to other industries, like how to outsource an eCommerce company.

This being a brief buildup, let’s take a look at some of the strategies that will help you up-scale your sales in the EdTech sector.

  • Do You Make Data-driven Decisions?

If you have already considered outsourcing education technology call center, it’s time for you to take things forward. It is always a better idea to make informed decisions based on data from various sources.

You can draw relevant data from various sources, like KPI tracking tools, analytics, etc. Streamlining these two can give you deep insights into your call center process and performance and help you make some informed decisions based on actual customer, market, and employee reports.

  • Do You Invest in a Sales Team?

When it comes to increasing the revenue for your EdTech business, there is nothing better than a qualified sales team from an outsourcing BPO. However, if you already have a sales team, you have to ensure that the team's performance is strong.

For this, you have to implement and execute proper sales training for your reps or consider outsourcing education technology call center process. In addition, the training modules should include keeping them updated with everything that’s changing with time and processes.

  • Have You Considered an Incentive Scheme?

While most people believe in top agents and reps, you can stand out and develop top agents. Being employed and getting the salary on time is not the biggest motivator. Instead, most employees are motivated by incentives, be it of any form.

Keeping the same in mind, it would be effective for your EdTech business to introduce incentive schemes. Incentive schemes should always be devised in a way to encourage the employees to work hard. And once they have done that, the next slab should encourage them to take that a notch higher.

The incentive scheme is one way to push your employees to work hard without getting the work pressure to be unbearably cruel. And consequently, the results are fair for both the employer and the employee.

  • Change Your Pricing Model

A lot has changed before and after the pandemic hit. And since every industry has suffered the same fate, most people have lost the ability to invest a lot of money in education, as much as they could in the pre-pandemic phase. Plus, with remote working, even the expenses have gone down to a great extent.

Keeping this in mind, revising the pricing model for your EdTech business would attract better sales, and consequently, more revenue.

Finishing Up

The EdTech industry has already adopted the digital era with marketing and customer support by outsourcing education technology call centers. So now the question is if you are looking to strategize the increase in sales, which one would be more effective for you, running an in-house team or considering an outsourcing BPO.

Here’s a tip: If you never had on-call customer support or answering service in-house, it would be wise to outsource the process. This is because setting up an in-house team would cost a lot, much more than the expenses you would need to make with an EdTech call center services provider.