The next extension of the Hearthstone was announced. It goes into the famous-notorious battle of Warcraft: The Antenatal.

Although the mercenary mode and the mini-set death mines are still fresh in Hearthstone, Blizzard is already out of the next content. The upcoming extension was announced and will bear the name split in the antenatal. Although the name sounds ambiguous, the extension is mainly about the cleavage in the Horde and Alliance and its conflict.

What s in cleavage in the antenatal ? Overall, wait, as is usually with Hearthstone, 135 new cards on the players who can be pulled from the new card packs after release.

Later, this will be added to more cards in a new mini-set.

New keyword: Honorable victory — as a new keyword on many maps, the term honorable victory can be found. This means that the card receives a special bonus when an opponent is defeated with accurate damage. If it succeeds, for example, to accuse a servant with 5 life points exactly 5 damage, then the effect of honorable victory is triggered. These can be different effects, such as the reduction of spell costs or typical buffs of the servant, such as +1 / +1.

mercenaries are becoming a hero cards: just under a year after the introduction of the mercenary characters, the now become right hero cards — with some devastating effects. As if the quests from the last expansion have not yet been powerful enough, the mercenary heroes spin the game even more. So one of them can raise the maximum of MANA on whopping 20 crystals. This opens new scope for perfectly devastating combos.

Diamond card for all: Especially cool is that this time all players get a diamond card for free. From today, you can choose in Hearthstone either Vandal Storm Lance (Alliance) or Drew their (Horde) as a free, golden and legendary card. So you also choose your fractional affiliation.

Afterwards, from 7 December to January 11, you will receive a number of quests that will be rewarded with Honor Points.

The site, which has gained more honor at the end of the event, is the winner. All players then get a diamond card of the leader of the winning fraction.

New cards from split in the antenatal

Together with the announcement, a few of the latest cards were presented. Here is a first taste of the 135 new cards that exist soon.

When will split in the antenatal appear? The official release date for the extension split in the antenatal is the 7th of December 2021. Usually the publication will take place in the early evening hours, mostly between 19:00 and 20:00.

What do you think of the new extension? How do you like the first fresh cards?

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