Amazon Cashback offers on food help you save on order from popular online casinos. Here in this post, we talk Amazon provides on Swiggy. Should you like ordering meals from Swiggy, save through Amazon Pay.

To avail, the amazing discount on your order is very simple. Complete your transaction on Swiggy through Amazon pay balance to earn cashback.

Avail the Swiggy coupon code to find delicious meals at pocket-friendly rates. The combination of coupon codes and Amazon cover Swiggy offer make it an unfishable deal for meals delivery.

Meanwhile, the Amazon is also testing its food service in select places. Amazon Food delivery is available in Bengaluru at select pin codes. After much delay, the ceremony has finally started.

Meanwhile, the Amazon is all set to provide additional Cashback on merchant payments such as Swiggy, throughout its forthcoming sale. To know more about Amazon Upcoming Sale.

Amazon Pay Swiggy Offer For Prime Members

Amazon is once again back with its amazing Cashback offers on food. The offer is applicable on the first transaction from the month using Amazon Pay on Swiggy.

Maximum Cashback of Rs. 40 could be availed once a user. The Cashback offer is valid from 1st September to 31st September 2020. This offer is for Amazon Prime Members only. There's not any minimum order value for Amazon Pay Swiggy supply for prime members.

  • 50% Cashback on your Purchase
  • Maximum Cashback of all Rs. 40
  • After Per user

Amazon Pay Swiggy Offer October 2020

If you are a normal user, you can still save your Swiggy arrangement with Amazon. Get horizontal Rs.25 cashback on your Swiggy order with Amazon Pay. The maximum cashback with this particular offer is Rs. 100.

The offer can be availed once a user during the validity interval. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay Balance. The consumer has to collect the offer prior to making the payment to be eligible for the cashback.

  • Once per user
  • All Users


Amazon Swiggy Offer



Minimum Order value

Rs. 100


Rs. 25


Once For all users

Amazon Swiggy Offer 

This deal is for both the new and present users within the validity interval. To avail, Amazon Swiggy offer, pay for your order with pay equilibrium. Get flat Rs. 25 cashback on paying with Amazon Pay balance on Swiggy website or program.

So you do not have to pay additional even on the tiniest food arrangement.

Aside from food, you can even save Movies, Bill payments, travel tickets, services and shopping with Amazon cover offers. Check Amazon Pay Recharge offers out of


How to Avail Amazon Swiggy Offer

  • Check Amazon Food offers page from 
  • Pick a food ordering platform of your choice(Swiggy).
  • Click on collect this offer.
  • Click Order Now.
  • Visit Swiggy website or mobile app.
  • Enter your location to see the popular restaurants.
  • Choose your order.
  • Sign up or log in to your Swiggy account.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Select Amazon Pay as the mode of payment.