We are so addicted to online tools that we all use some kind of them. Be it OSCOLA referencing, social media platforms or even reading news. We are so addicted to online tools. So here are some common mistakes which we make with them:-

  • Rely on them a lot

Every human being so much relies on online tools, and why not should they? There is an online tool for every purpose. But this reliability has made people too confident, due to which they often end up wasting their time on a helpful app which leads to loss of a lot of productive time. For example, suppose you are looking for a OSCOLA referencing generator. Hence the amount of time you spent finding the right tool can be spent on getting the equation done.

  • Do not double-check

We are so sure of the information we get through online tools that we do not double-check. In addition, online tools are software’s designed explicitly following the guidelines of the purpose for which it is built. These factors make people so sure that they do not verify the information, which can often lead to several mistakes. For example, if you are using a backdated version of essay structure Maker for your papers, then chances are the documents can be cited wrong.

  • Made us lazy

It is out of the question that online tools made us very lazy. Who often do we go out for a walk or have some free time. Starting from audiobooks, online games and mediation apps, everything is available online. Starting from productive apps to stress buster apps. This is the reason why we have become so casual and have lost our critical thinking and decision making abilities. We use dissertation proposal assistance and paraphrasing tools to structure a format or frame sentences which can be done quickly if we are willing to spend some time on it.

These are some of the common mistakes which we make by using too many online tools.

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