Amazon Games (formerly Amazon Game Studios) is a game development business and also Publisher based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

One of the main aspects of Amazon s MMO New World is the fight player against players. Players can measure themselves in the open world, in the wars, and in Outpost-Rush mode.

Unfortunately, the title is balancing in a not very good condition. A few weeks ago, players already complained about a paladin build through which one becomes almost immortal.

One against six? No problem!

However, a user drove the whole thing to the top. The Outpost Rush mode allows two teams to compete against each other from 20 players. These must take the opposing basis, destroy defenses for defense systems, conquering a few EVE opponents, and more.

The user Knight shared a video seven days, in which he starts against six opposing players at the same time. Knight creates it for three minutes to survive, and to share a little damage.

Of course, the enemy players could have tackled the situation much better, with coordinated anesthesia and rebuffs. But in an uncoordinated group of random players, this is not so easy in most cases. Also, you should not forget that Knight is not a raid boss, but a normal player.

After Knight finally went to the ground, he will be sent back to his spawn as usual with tagging. This video is probably more of an exception situation, but it shows clearly the weaknesses on balancing if you can call it at all — in Amazon s New World (Buy Now €39.99).

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New World Needs To Fix The Faction Balance Now From Daniel Link author 17.11.2021 at 19:03

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