Drink a prayer Potion and RuneScape gold get your most powerful weapons! Keep your shield from Melee on until his staff turns into the form of a Wulyxiaora or a Mace. Protect from Magic is available once the staff returns. If he dies and buried, he'll drop a Solar Isle Sunstaff. Along with his Guardians, Savarain will snap from the trance. We are grateful, (Player name). We have been released from the shackles of that evil ghost! You are a friend of Solar Isle, even if you are one of the Lunar Fools.

Dawn of the Awakening. Quests include: While Guthix Sleeps, the goblin quest concept I had in the past, Ghostly Robes MiniQuest, all the other quests will have been done anyways. Skills 65 Slayer, all required quest skills, and anything else I might have missed.

Opening report: Lucien has acquired not only the Staff of Armadyl, but the Stone of Jas as well. War is certainly on the horizon. Following the time that Lucien discovered the Stone of Jas and the only man who might know about it fled Lumbridge's caves. 

Meanwhile, the Red Axe Corporation has returned to Keldagrim and is refusing to speak of their denial, and King Narnode is becoming more concerned about the ghost of Arposandra. There are many questions: What exactly is Lucien doing What is he doing? Where is Movario? Why did Glouphrie, the Untrusted, kill Argento years ago? And what do the Drunken dwarf's claims of Dragons have to do with the Red Axe. The King Black Dragon will answer your question.

Speak to Commander Veldaban in Keldagrim and you'll find out that the Red Axe is now available. To find out more the best way to learn is to join the Consortium to get back in. Speak to the company's executive that you worked with in Giant Dwarf, and buy RS gold do a job for him.