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  • The Verge guide to Android
    As always, the new OS is coming to Google’s Pixel phones first, and when it does come to Samsung and other Android devices, it will probably be tweaked somewhat by the manufacturer. Google never stops issuing updates to its Android OS (well, unless your phone is old enough to have outlived its update period), and it has recently introduced its latest upgrade: Android 12. As...
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  • An Intro to Python Editors
    The Python programming language comes with its own built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called IDLE. The name, IDLE, supposedly came from the actor, Eric Idle, who was a part of the Monty Python troupe, which is what Python itself is named after. IDLE comes with Python on Windows and some Linux variants. You may need to install IDLE separately on your particular flavor of Linux or...
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  • Proxying .Net Core Application
    I am writing an MVC6 application that must run on an application server in order to interact with the database. Users must interface with the web interface through 443 and can only access content via a separate web server.   Web server can see application server over https/8443 which is the port I plan to use to run the application.   If I run the .Net application as a Windows service...
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  • Submit Your iPhone Apps to the App And Store
    iOS 13 is now running on 77% of all iOS devices introduced in the last four years, worldwide. Deliver great user experiences by seamlessly integrating with Dark Mode, Sign in with Apple, and the latest advances in ARKit 3, Core ML 3, and Siri.   Starting April 30, 2020, all iPhone apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the...
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  • Why I still use jQuery in 2021
    I use jQuery in specific use cases. One of those use cases is landing pages. When running advertisements on social media, native platforms etc. it’s paramount that the core behavior of the page works in every browser. We do get traffic from users using ancient browsers (IE 9 etc). Not only that but   I use all the modern jazz such as babel and esbuild, but jQuery has never failed me...
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