How to get ranked up fast in PUBG – What the ranking system is?
Complete your tasks.
PUBG Mobile has daily, weekly and progressive challenges that give very decent bonuses to the experience. These can be simple actions such as logging into a game, watching a video, driving a car, treating and other simple actions. Make sure you tick all these tasks to gain experience.
How to get ranked up fast in PUBG – What the ranking system is
Keep track of the missions.
Every time you level up in PUBG Mobile, you are given three progress missions. Completing these progress missions will help you collect XP to climb to the next level. Don't forget to keep track of these missions. They can be completed over several games, but remember that you are actively trying to complete them during the game.
Focus on survival.
In classic matches, focus on survival and getting into the top five (or at least the top ten) instead of participating in shootouts. Winning the game definitely gives you the highest experience, as well as getting into the top five. While collecting kills can be fun, it won't help in the long run in your level-up plans, so choose an aggressive game and focus on less. risky tactics like camping to survive.
Try to land in less populated areas and loot along the way in a circle. If you're already in the circle, try to pick a vantage point so you can pick up a few kills, which also increases XP; just do it from a distance so you don't get killed. Remember not to get involved in protracted fights and make sure that there is always a technique next to you to make a safe turn when the circle narrows.