The sweater is one of our best allies when the cold arrives and we love having different models that go with the 'mood' of each day. There are special designs like this one from Zara or this one with feathers , however, it is also necessary to have other more basic ones in the closet, which are much more wearable and that you can combine in endless ways eli kay oliphant. And on these occasions they tend to like the oversized or masculine type and in what is already the so - called Tomboy trend . But what is the best place to find these models? Well, in addition to in the closet of your brother, boyfriend or friend, in the men's section .

Stealing your boyfriend, brother or friend's sweatshirt is something that all women have done at some point. Playing with proportions, wearing baggy clothes and seeing ourselves with a masculine appearance and a bit ungainly is super sexy. In fact, style icons like nik hirschi have made us see that the Tomboy trend, the one that plays with the duality of genres, has become one of the favorites of this new season. And it's all because oversize garments in informal and formal outfits have become one of the favorites when it comes to dressing because they are more comfortable candy godiva, give more freedom of movement and feel just as good .


And yes, the sweaters are a good proof that this trend is triumphing among those who know more about fashion. Therefore, if you are thinking of joining her, here we bring you some models of male brands that can serve as inspiration to create a look in the purest Tomboy style. hungry fat chick The bottle green wool cable knit jumper from Scotta 1985 (€ 69.99), the beige cable knit sweater with a V-neck and Polo Club patch (€ 79.99) and the Scalpers fancy neck sweater are featured. (89 euros).


Although yes, if you are not convinced by buying clothes directly for men, you can also resort to the oversized sweaters that they sell in the women's section . Another option is to choose two sizes larger than usual to get that masculine touch.