Armory System is a new feature in The Elder Scrolls Online, which was added in Update 32 along with the Deadlands DLC. As a long-awaited feature, Armory allows players to create multiple builds for their characters and switch between them when needed.

Armory will save Attributes, Skills, Equipment, Champion Points, Quickslot setups, Outfits. This is a system that all Elder Scrolls Online players can use, regardless of whether they have subscribed to ESO Plus or paid for ESO Gold. This is also something that experienced players should spend some time studying in depth.

Armory can be entered in two ways, both of which can be found in the Crown Store. The first way is through Armory furnishing, which can be obtained for free from the Upgrades tab of the Crown Store. Once Armory furnishing is placed in the player's home, interacting with it will bring up the Armory menu.

The second way is through Armory assistant Gharasharog, he will appear whenever he is called, although the cost of hiring him is high. Also keep in mind that players can only Buy ESO Gold at the beginning, which basically means that a character can have an alternative construction start.

Armory is more subtle than it first appeared. Its most obvious use is to perform multiple roles on a certain character, and perhaps open a tank build to supplement a DPS build. In addition, players who want to get more ESO Gold can try to buy online.