If you are reading this article, then you are probably just putting your Outdoor Lounge Set out or are just getting ready to put it away for the winter. Anyway, you definitely want to make sure that it is cleaned first and that any possible damage is repaired. Did you know that even the smallest damage to your rattan furniture can cause it to fall apart altogether. It is almost like dominoes, once one strip is ripped, the others will follow. Follow these steps to keep your rattan furniture looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

How to Clean and Revive Rattan Garden Furniture

Synthetic rattan garden furniture probably requires the least maintenance, due to its natural resistance to the weather; however you should clean regularly to maintain its condition.

Rattan can be more difficult to clean thanks to its interwoven fibres, however. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to cleaning rattan furniture.

Remove the cushions and set aside. Using a handheld hoover or brush, dust down the furniture to remove any crumbs, mud or debris.

After you’ve cleaned the larger frame, get a smaller brush (a toothbrush is ideal), and manoeuvre into the smaller gaps.

Once done, fill a bowl with water and washing up liquid and wipe over the furniture.

Wash over the furniture again with a second cloth and clean water, then dry with another cloth. If you have a synthetic rattan furniture set, you can rinse with a hose and leave to dry in the sun. With natural rattan however you have to be more careful as vast amounts of water will cause issues.

A clean before and after storing for winter should suffice for artificial rattan garden furniture, but a weekly or monthly hose down during the warmer months would be beneficial, too. In warmer months it wouldn’t take long to dry so wouldn’t cause too much inconvenience. If any stains occur, it’s recommended you use a damp cloth and wipe clean immediately.

Please note you should not use bleach, harsh chemicals or pressure washers when cleaning rattan garden furniture. Only clean the cushions when needed, and bring them inside when not in use.

These are just a few simple steps in caring for your rattan furniture. If followed correctly, these can help you to protect your rattan and ensure that it stays in great shape for a long time, you can click https://www.insharefurniture.com/product/garden-set/ to learn more, Insharefurniture is an ideal choice for your garden, home and office.