Different types of essays have been developed keeping into consideration the need and purpose for which they are written. Some of the newly developed types of essays involve rhetorical essays, expository essays, reflective essays, compare and contrast essays, etc. All these different types of essays are unique and different from one another. The feature that makes them unique and different from each other is the purpose for which they are written and the way they are written. 

It is no doubt true that effective writing skills can help students in writing effective essays no matter what the type of essay is. But still, to effectively write the different types of essays it is very necessary for students to identify and realize the purpose for which these different essays are returned and the way they are written. I recently heard a Third-grade student Telling her younger sister “Help me to write essay for me or either tell me what in actual a compare and contrast essay is”. This clearly shows that students are not aware of the different types of essays and for the purpose, they are written. Therefore it is the prime responsibility of the teachers to make them aware of the different types of essays and then help them write effective essays. 

A compare and contrast essay mainly requires the comparison or contrast of two different places, things, or people. This comparison or contrast is based on some specific characteristics or features that are common or different among the two things. However, while writing the compare and contrast essay a good writer should make sure that he effectively conveys the comparison or contrast among the two things and do not mix the characteristics of features of both things. A professional writer of a well-known online essay writing service suggested to the beginner writers to use the point by point method while writing the compare and contrast the same as it will help them in clearly conveying the points to the readers. 

Tips for writing effective compare and contrast essays

Mentioned below are some of the tips for writing effective compare and contrast essays:

Prepare a detailed outline before starting the write-up for the compare and contrast essay. Make sure to include all the points that are to be compared or contrasted in the essay.

Use the point-by-point method to compare or contrast the different features or characteristics of things. This will help In in clearly and separately discussing the different characteristics and will avoid any confusion for the readers.

Maintain the consistency of the compare and contrast essay by properly and equally discussing all the points.

Properly organized the essay by including strong points at the start of the compare and contrast essay to attract the attention of the readers.

A good essay writer online makes sure to summarise all the points at the end of the essay to provide the readers with a clear understanding of the entire compare and contrast essay and help them remember the basic discussed points. 

Samplecompare and contrast essay on “Traditional versus online shopping”

The new technological developments and advancements have changed every aspect of the world. These advancements have been adopted by almost every field or discipline that exists nowadays. Not just this but the differences created by the technological development and advancements have also been observed in the lives of the people. These differences can be observed in the way people live and the way they have changed their lifestyles with time. We observe that not just education or learning but shopping nowadays is also substituted from traditional systems to online systems. Both traditional and online shopping equally involve benefits as well as disadvantages.

Traditional shopping is time-consuming while online shopping saves the time of the customers. People all over the world are busy with different activities and this is the reason they go for things that consume less time and provide them with the things they need. This clearly shows that the time-saving feature of online shopping attracts people like a lot of time is spent in traditional shopping. People are required to move from one shop to another in order to choose materials of their choice and this takes a lot of time and effort. Online shopping, on the other hand, allows people to access different shops with just a single click.

Traditional shopping provides satisfaction to the people as they can see and touch the material physically. On the other hand, in online shopping people are not satisfied as in most of the cases they do not get the desired material. On the basis of this particular point, people prefer traditional shopping as compared to online shopping. 

Bargaining is possible in traditional shopping while there is no chance for the people to bargain the material with the shopkeepers in the online shopping system. The majority of the people like to negotiate with the shopkeeper and bargain with the material they are buying. This feature however is lacking in the online system as the customer has to buy the material at the price that is mentioned by the brand. Apart from that, bargaining in traditional shopping provides satisfaction to the customers. This is one of the reasons some people prefer traditional shopping over online shopping. 

Various advantages and disadvantages are associated with both online and traditional shopping systems. These advantages and disadvantages in addition to the needs and preferences of the people help them identify which particular shopping system is good for them. 

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