Where cryptocurrencies gave a new identity to finances by pairing it up with technology, the tons of crypto variants brought along new opportunities for crypto trading and investments. Here, in this read, you’d get to know about Uniswap exchange , which is known as the platform that works on a smart contract system running through the Ethereum blockchain network and allows individuals to swap their cryptocurrencies (Ethereum or Ethereum-based). All the token swaps get taken care of by the online service without appealing for the custody of the trading funds. Let’s move ahead and familiarize you with the swapping process on the service.

Principle foundations that led to Uniswap

This part of the read will walk you through the four major foundations on which Uniswap exchange stands tall:

  • Along with the implementation of a smart contract system, it offers a user-friendly interface
  • Users can pool in with all of their liquidity services with a well-established working model
  • Open-source frontend interface of the service extends benefits to traders and all liquidity providers
  • Swapping isn’t the only special feature of the service as it also promotes a free of cost and decentralized platform for exchanging assets

Swap your Ether and Ether-based tokens

Let us walk you through the swapping steps for the Uniswap exchange platform:

  1. On the official site, settle on the crypto variant to send.
  2. Move to settle for the crypto type you want to receive.
  3. Provide the amount for exchange and move ahead.
  4. Go through the swap rates, price slippage, and other data.
  5. Go for “Connect to Wallet” and confirm the swap transaction.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to introduce you to the Uniswap Exchange online service that lets you swap your crypto tokens, given it is either Ethereum or any other Ether-based token. Reading through, you now know that it works on a smart contract system that only runs on the Ethereum blockchain along with the easy steps you’d have to follow to make a swap transaction on the platform.

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