Teaching is also a service which should be assessed often to maintain its quality”

 There are plenty of organizations that have developed to provide learning services. Nowadays, you can find a training institution at each and every corner of your area. So you are in the tough spot if your business is to provide training services. In order to show your organization is unique, it is necessary to establish your system performance. This is become effortless by achieving ISO certification. So, the answer is yes, the training institutes also need ISO certification.

It is not a mandatory requirement. Obtaining the certification is not a compulsory requirement for all types of organizations. For some businesses, to establish their effectiveness in providing high-quality services, the ISO certification is required by law.

 In this topic, you can find detailed information about the ISO certification, its benefits to training institutions, the applicable ISO certification standards and also the implementation process to achieve them.

 What is ISO Certification?

“Gain reputation by getting ISO certification”

ISO certification is a process of verifying the organization whether it has met all the desired requirements of the ISO criteria. ISO standards are globally accepted standards, developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It is an independent organization for developing and publishing the ISO standards that specify requirements, specifications, or control measures to enhance various management system performances. Also, note that ISO does not provide certifications.

What are the applicable standards to the training institutions? 

ISO has developed more than 20000 standards to helps the business in numerous sectors. In those, here are some of the ISO certification standards which help you impress the learners and other beneficiaries.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

Enhance credibility with high-quality services!

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized quality management system standard. The ISO 9001:2015 certification proves an organization’s ability to providing quality services to satisfy the learners. It ensures the organization has a well-built administration process, internal management system, libraries, etc. It also demonstrates the competence of staff/employees.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

Become an immersive learning partner with a great environment!

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system standard, specifies requirements to ensure the continual improvement of environmental performance. The ISO 14001 Certification helps the organization to have a wonderful environment for the learners to enjoy their learning. It also impresses the staff to work more effectively towards the objectives of your institutions.

ISO 45001:2018 Certification

This occupational health and safety management system certification declares that your organization has a safe environment for the learners, parents and other visitors. ISO 45001 specifies requirements to control, manage, and reduce accidents and injuries. This enhances the confidence of the learners and promotes the reputation of your business.

These are the commonly applicable certifications for training institutions. You can achieve them individually (one at a time) or all at once by integrating the management systems.

How does certifying to ISO benefit my institution?

ISO certification is an internationally recognized certification. It expands your organization’s reputation all over the world. It helps you impress the students even from overseas. This certification establishes your institution’s ability in providing high-level teaching services. Some of the other benefits of ISO certification are:

  • Provides satisfaction to learners
  • Enhances the confidence of the beneficiaries
  • Develops the management system performance
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Enhances competence and credibility
  • Improves traceability, and so on.

How to get ISO certification for training institutions?

  1. Implementation process


Document the records and reports of your organization’s process, learning services, teaching methods, etc. prepare the scope of the certification.


Develop the management system in line with ISO standard requirements. Assign the roles and responsibilities to the staff. Build a team of professionals who have an exceptional knowledge about your organization’s objectives to monitor the implementation process. Conduct gap analysis to identify the gaps in the management system process. Correct the errors before the process of the certification audit begin. To continue all these processes, your organization should have a professional who has well knowledge about the ISO standards. If not, you should hire a consultant to guide you in all the ways to the certification.


Provide awareness training to the staff about the ISO standard. Also, let them understand your organization’s goals and objectives.   VISIT: certification fda