While the anniversary of the Star Wars MMO has passed, it's a few more weeks before fans get access to BioWare's new adventure. The team at SWTOR says these delays come from quality control and updates stemming from fan reactions to several of the announced changes. To avoid a flawed launch, BioWare delayed the expansion for several months, delaying SWTOR's next expansion for the greater good.

Players can choose one of eight classes allied with the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire. Each class has a unique story and develops as a shared expansion to explore new planets and conflicts. SWTOR's Legacy of the Sith explores Manaan, the world responsible for much of the galaxy's kolto production. Empire players will lead the invasion, while Republic players defend Earth and its inhabitants, but new threats await in the shadows. Former Wrath of the Empress Darth Margos has been conspiring in secret since his defection and plans to return and take over the galaxy for himself.

SWTOR's Legacy of the Sith expansion pack is out now on February 15, and the 10th anniversary event will span all of 2022. As with all expansions, players can explore new flashpoints and operations in SWTOR indefinitely, and keep replaying upcoming stories. By completing in-game missions, players can Buy SWTOR Credits. Other events for the Anniversary Celebration may be timed, which means fans looking to enjoy SWTOR content throughout the year should keep an eye on BioWare's website for announcements and a schedule of events.

The main attraction for casual players in Legacy of the Sith is the story, which explores the war in Manan between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Ocean Planet is the main supplier of kolto, the potion used to heal most of the wounds in Star Wars. Meanwhile, Darth Margos has secretly plotted to overthrow the Republic and Empire, creating a new order of influential Force users across the galaxy. However, players must have a certain amount of SWTOR Credits as the basis for all battles in the game. So I suggest players can buy Star Wars The Old Republic Credits at IGGM.