The Star Wars The Old Republic trailer showcases the Galactic Republic and the Jedi, as well as the Empire and Sith perspective, hinting at some of the story beats and updated gameplay that MMO players will experience when the expansion rolls out. At the same time, players will have a large number of tasks and challenges to Buy SWTOR Credits, accompanied by various rewards.

The video also hints at some new locations players will visit, and even shows off some new characters that haven't been introduced yet. Players can choose the corresponding character according to their favorite degree, and join the war in the game, so as to collect more Cheap SWTOR Credits, and continue to speed up the pace of upgrading.

The new Story Trailer will launch on February 15th and will feature new combat styles, new locations, and new story content. New locations confirmed by BioWare to appear in Legacy Of The Sith include the underwater facility on the planet Manaan, the destroyed Sith fortress on Elom, and the R-4 Anomaly arriving in early 2022.

The eighth expansion was originally scheduled to launch on December 14, but was delayed due to the team needing more time and additional testing in many areas. EA has announced that Respawn Entertainment is developing three Star Wars games, including a sequel to the hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a first-person shooter and a strategy game. Of course, players also need to actively get SWTOR Credits, they can choose to buy SWTOR Credits on IGGM.