If the hardest tasks related to cooing were rank, keeping a grill mat clean would be high on the list. It’s almost impossible to do, provided you only cook meat on the grill itself. A lot of grills are discontinued from use simply from their being too much ash and built up residue that has accumulated on the grill, and the underlying components of it. But there is one way to make things look cleaner for a longer period. Grill mats and BBQ Mesh Bag are plated sheets that are placed directly on top of the grill, capable of cooking almost anything with the benefit of faster cleanup time. But how to use the grill mat to their fullest potential? What are the steps that should be taken in the process?

Below is everything that you’ll need to know when cooking with a grill mat. Read through the directions and you’ll be ready to cook with them in no time. Let’s begin!

Here’s how to use a grill mat:

Cleaning: Always clean a grill mat before use, including when you first remove it from the packaging. Most mats can be cleaned with soap and water but just like nonstick cookware, don’t use abrasive soaps or scrubbers. This will scratch and damage the nonstick surface.

Placement: Adjust your grill so that the mat won’t come into direct contact with the flames. Also, most mats can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees but not more than that. (In most cases, you’ll want your grilling temp to be between 300-400 degrees.)

Preheat: Preheat your grill to a low or medium heat. Once the grill’s at temperature, place the mat on top of the grates. (You can arrange your food on the mat before or after you’ve placed it on the grill, whichever is easiest.)

Cooking: Turn your food as needed using utensils that won’t scratch the mat. Don’t use anything on a grill mat that you wouldn’t use on nonstick cookware.

Mat Removal: Once the food is cooked, use an oven mitt to remove the hot mat from the grill. Let it cool before washing it and storing it. (And never fold it. Grill mats should be stored flat or rolled up.)

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