Lost Ark is a surprisingly complex game Lost Ark Gold that is surprisingly complex. Numerous activities, numerous advancement systems, and tons of content will keep players entertained for hours. It's an ideal storm for making new players confused about the way certain systems function. Strongholds are a perfect example.

Strongholds -- also known as Estates in various versions of Lost Ark serve as an improvement system, crafting system, and player housing simultaneously. If you're a person who came across the stronghold system but immediately turned away from it, we do not blame you. However, we would recommend that you invest in this system. Strongholds allow you to craft consumables for the endgame, upgrade the characters you play, and so on. This is a comprehensive guide to Lost Ark's stronghold system.

Strongholds double as Lost Ark's player housing and item crafting systems. The ability to unlock them is available at about level 25 the stronghold serves as the base of operations for crafting, researching new tools, and carrying out daily activities. You can also decorate and live inside your castle like other MMO homes, but the strongholds at Lost Ark offer more than this.

The primary purpose of your stronghold is crafting healing potion and other battle items for the final battle. If you don't want make thousands Gold purchasing consumables purchased from other players, then you'll need to invest in your stronghold. There are numerous benefits for doing so like the ability of completing passively routine tasks and boost other characters to level 50.

You'll be granted an opportunity to cheapest Lost Ark Gold build a stronghold following your "Clerk Theo's Invitation" quest. The quest will be unlocked upon returning to Luterra Castle, an event that takes place during the main narrative around level 25. Completing the quest chain will unlock your castle and its associated song of fast travel.