Martech Interview with Ian Dix on Demand Generation


Content marketing and demand generation marketing are two different entities for most businesses. They need a new type of demand generation that relies entirely on buyer intent. In an Martech Interview on Demand Generation your ABM platform data might tell you what account is interested, but not specifically who is interested. Is it one person doing a lot of research? A lot of folks? Prior to our solution, you never knew, and your job was to guess at the job titles in that company and try to market to them directly.


The connection traditionally has been uneven, at best. In most marketing organizations, content marketers and demand generation marketers live in two worlds: content marketers want to provide brand authenticity. What we did was create a new type of demand generation that relies entirely on what we believe is the best indicator of buyer intent: someone reading your or your competitors’ content. The CIP platform captures these engagements to determine 360-degree intent—with complete contact, company, and content consumption visibility.


About Ian Dix - Ian Dix, Chief Marketing Officer, Contentgine. As chief marketing officer at Contentgine, Ian oversees both the marketing and sales enablement initiatives, helping the company sell its industry-leading,content-indicated lead lists to marketers in every industry. Ian Dix joined Contentgine in 2021 after a long and successful career as a top marketing executive in the IT technology space.


About CONTENTgine - CONTENTgine is the world leader in Content-Based Marketing™, making high-quality lead generation and content syndication analytics a more successful and profitable investment for marketers. Using the world's largest B2B content library and capturing the details of prospects researching solutions in your market segment.


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