We live in a time in which, before a customer buys a product or service and then search for it on Google to learn more information about the product or service. Anyone looking to expand their business regardless of the size of your business requires a website brainsclub. The process of creating a website has become affordable. It doesn't require much money, and you don't have to be a designer or coder to have one.

A website for your small business not only about selling your products or services online - it also adds benefits to your customers and is a method of advertising that is free. If this hasn't convinced your already, here are the reasons to start today.

10 reasons why you require a website for your small-sized company


  1. Customers are expecting you to be online

Nowadays, everyone is online to find information. The decision of what to purchase and where to purchase it is made via their tablets and smartphones. A website can create an online presence for your company. Potential customers can find out more about your productor service. Websites give you the opportunity to show your concern for your clients, share information about your brand , and show your professionalism.


The modern consumer also expects their brand to be on the internet and offer useful information about their business through a digital platform. Most customers will visit a company's website to learn more about the company. If you have yet to establish a website, it is likely that your customers will come across another company that has an online presence.


  1. Your product or service is displayed in results of a search

According to studies 81% of consumers do their research online prior to purchasing an item or service. That means that if a buyer needs a bag, they'll search for "quality bags". If they are certain of what they are looking for, they could search for "Quality leather handbags from Kenya". If your company sells handbags and accessories, you'll show on the search results page for these terms if you improve your website. A website's presence isn't enough. You must improve it to show on the first page in Google results for specific keywords or related keywords when potential customers search. To make your site more optimized for searchengine optimization, you should do things such as making use of long-tail keywords, including meta descriptions, tags and titles.



  1. A website legitimizes your website

The site provides some kind of social proof that builds trust with your customers. It lets you inform your prospective and current customers with information with information about the background of your company, the areas of specialization and experience. Your website can allow customers to know more about your company, particularly when you post testimonials from customers. This can help you attract potential customers since the majority of customers are influenced by online reviews when it comes to buying products.



  1. A Website is an online billboard

A website can give you the opportunity to have an internet presence. It is a chance to present your company to prospective buyers and let your clients locate you using relevant search terms. However, this depends on the amount of marketing that you incorporate into your site via Search Engine Optimization and social media, blogging and online advertisements.



  1. It lets you gather data as well as generate leads

A presence on the internet lets you collect information about your customers, create plans for your product and receive feedback from your customers. Features like Google Analytics, Facebook analytics etc. let you know what the characteristics of your clients and the product you are selling , and create plans for how you can improve the products or services you provide.


If you can get individuals to sign up to your site via newsletters, blog posts , or eBooks, you can contact them in a more efficient manner.


  1. Contact ease

Customers can reach you quickly through a website. Sometimes, your contact number might not be functioning however, having an online presence, customers can reach your business with ease whenever they want to know more about your company. However, this will only be effective if you offer hyperlinks to your social media sites or provide a chat feature on your site.



  1. allows you to display and sell your items

A website lets you showcase the products you sell or describe them in depth by using videos and images. It is also possible to provide tutorials via PDF instructions or videos to ensure that your customers don't have to find another source of details after they purchase the product.


A website also provides your customers an easy shopping experience. This is due to the fact that it gives customers a variety of ways to communicate with your company. For instance, you could make use of the site to sell your items on the internet. This is a simple way to deliver your products to your customers , by offering delivery services at a reduced or even free.


  1. It makes use of the social media networks you use.

Do I require a website for my business even if I already have a Facebook account? This is a questionthat the majority of people ask. The answer is yes. You need an online presence even if you already have a Facebook account. Social media lets you connect with a wider audience and generate buzz about your company through sharing and liking. If people want to learn more about your products they'll need to go to your website. By putting a link to your site through your page on Facebook, you can legitimize your company.



  1. allows you to be competitive with the giants in your field.

There is a good chance that your competition has a website. Customers will, naturally begin their journey to purchase via social media and their friends or by conducting research. When they have decided to purchase a specific product or services, they begin looking into it and 81% of them go online to read reviews, educational details and testimonials.