Martech Interview with Ryan Berman on Mobile Marketing


TallBob stands as the most trusted partner for SMS/MMS, Mobile Engagement, & Mobile Analytics in all of Australia. Ryan Berman, the CEO shares his perspectives in Martech Interview on Mobile Marketing about personalization and its role in mobile marketing. Personalised messages and experiences can really build loyalty when you plan and understand engagement.


Predictive analytics the future of digital marketing. Without accurate data and analytics, digital marketing becomes somewhat irrelevant. Data and analytics also provide a competitive advantage for brands. The gold standard in marketing and communications is the personal touch.


About 90 per cent of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile. What does it say about mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is here and is here to stay. There is no doubt that this is a good way to connect with a wide pool of consumers. People should definitely consider where their mobile marketing company is located and who they service as a start. Another thing to consider is whether or not the mobile marketing platform can optimise and connect with the brand’s technology.


About Ryan Berman - Ryan Berman is a Founder & CEO of Tall Bob as a SMS & Mobile Engagement Expert


About Tall Bob - Unimpressed with the lack of creativity behind mobile messaging, Tall Bob set out to bring an unrivalled level of personalisation and engagement to the channel. We’d seen it happen to email, social media and countless instant messaging apps, but SMS wasn’t getting much love in the way of innovation.


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