Why does Outlook freeze constantly? To find out the reason, delve into the article. It also deal with Outlook won't open issues. Here, we have discussed the basic reasons and quick fixes to the problems.


          The new updates aren't being installed on your device yet.

          Another process is using Outlook

          Your mailbox has outgrown in size

          Your Outlook is interfered with by an add-on.

          Your Office applications need to be repaired.

          Corrupted or damaged Outlook data files

          External Images and videos are being loaded in Outlook

          The Outlook AppData folder has been redirected to a different network location.

          Your Outlook is being conflicted by outdated antivirus software.

          A Corrupted Outlook user profile


          Update Windows

          To discover if Any other process utilizes Outlook, look down at the bottom of your Outlook screen at the status bar. If another program uses it, Outlook might not reply until the task is finished.

          Prevent or disable Outlook from automatically downloading that external content.

          If you've recently added in a plugin for Outlook-like Zoom, Slack, Mailbutler, or DocuSign, these may be interfering with Outlook and causing it not to respond.

          There may be a dip in overall performance because of a rich resource draw. As your mailbox increases, additional sources are required to open every folder you have. We advocate both AutoArchiving documents and growing new, separate folders to unfold the mail out to restore this.

          If you believe you studied that your AppData folder, which incorporates matters just like the spell test dictionary and email signatures, is redirecting to a different network location, you can disable this redirect.

          Repair all of your Office 365 programs.

          All installed versions of Outlook include an Inbox Repair Tool known as scanpst.exe. This device will assist in restoring broken information documents and fixing any mistakes inside them.

          Make sure your antivirus is up to date. If you are running a third-party antivirus, download the latest updates from the software program or head to the vendor's internet site to get the precise update.

          Run a Selective Startup or Clean Boot.

This blog has covered different aspects of why does Outlook freeze constantly? It also helps you in fixing when Outlook email not working.  Make sure that you have also taken assistance from the professionals.