If you’re in the Irvine, Newport Beach or Corona del Mar areas and are interested in making the interior of your vehicle quieter or improving the performance of your car audio system, drop into Method Sound and ask our team about sound deadening. Let’s look at how this relatively simple upgrade can make your vehicle more comfortable and allow you to hear the finest of details from your audio system.

Reduce Background Noise with Sound Damping Solutions
Sound DampingIf your car, truck or SUV is noisy when on the freeway or when accelerating, we can apply sound damping to reduce volume levels by as much as 10 dB. Tire and road noise, wind noise and sound from your exhaust and other vehicles will be dramatically reduced so you can carry on a conversation in comfort. Your vehicle doors will close with a satisfying thud instead of sounding tinny, and the outgoing audio from Bluetooth hands-free calls will be clearer and easier to understand.

Improved Car Audio System Performance
Few upgrades offer a more significant performance benefit than sound deadening. If you have already upgraded your speakers, talk to us about adding sound deadening to your vehicle doors. In the most basic of upgrades, we can add a few square feet of deadening around the power up your subwoofers with an ampr to damp the mounting surface and act as a gasket.

To optimize the performance of your new speakers, our Level 3 package includes approximately 12 square feet of deadening per door. We treat the outer door skin to reduce sound energy transfer into the vehicle. Next, we treat the inner door skin and seal any openings to prevent the sound coming from the back of the speaker from interfering with the sound from the front. Finally, we add acoustic coupling rings around the speakers to ensure all the output is fed into the vehicle’s interior. You’ll get dramatically increased bass and mid-bass performance and improved clarity.

Talk to us about your audio upgrade project today and we’ll work with you to integrate proper sound deadening solutions right into your quotation.

Premier Customer Service and Attention to Detail
Once the sound damping material is installed, we take our time to make sure the trim panels are reinstalled perfectly. If a retaining clip is broken or bent, we replace it. If a screw insert doesn’t tighten, we fix it. We make sure your vehicle is as close to perfect as is reasonably possible before it leaves our shop.

Whether you’re upgrading your stereo system or want a quieter car or truck, we’ll work with you to choose the best sound damping solutions available. Drop by our store and talk to our team today. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone or by e-mail using our contact page.