Verizon router is a product by Verizon, which is an US based company. When it comes to routers, they basically provides and connect you with the internet. For any device to work smoothly, it is important that your router works properly and have a good connectivity. You can face many issues with your router due to which it may stop working. There are troubleshooting ways like rebooting the router through which you can resolve minor issues. Sometimes these ways doesn’t help and you have to factory reset Verizon router. Resetting the router means that the current configuration of the router would be erased completely. This includes the username and password. The settings will be set back to default factory settings.

 At time, it is not some issue but you forget your login credentials hence cannot login to the router. In this case you can reset the router back to default settings and log in. You can navigate to settings later and change the credentials accordingly. Therefore, you must know how to reset Verizon router. You should not confuse the process with restart. Restarting the router simply involves turning it off and then switching it back on after a gap of 10-15 seconds. Let’s have a look at the steps on how to reset the router.

Steps to reset Verizon router-

 Look for a reset button at the back of the router.  Press and hold the button for 15 seconds.  Remember, do not release the button immediately otherwise the router would not be reset.  When you find the lights on the router stable, release the button.  It will take a few minutes to reinitialize and the router will restart. 

As mentioned, the process of resetting the router is very simple. You can note down certain details you wish to re enter later. Now, that your router is reset. The password is automatically back to default, which is not secure. Changing the password is one of the important steps after reset to secure your network.

 Let’s see how to reset Verizon router password. 

Follow the steps mentioned below.  Open a web browser and type This would direct you towards router’s main login page.  Enter the default credentials for access.  Thereafter, click on ‘change admin password’ in the menu.

 You will be redirected to a new page and then you can enter the new username and password. These steps would helping you reset the password from Verizon default router login. The following are the credentials for the same. The username is admin and the password is admin or the word password. You can login using the same after the reset.