What is Drifting? 

Drifting is a driving procedure where the driver deliberately oversteers, with loss of foothold, while keeping up with control and driving the vehicle through the aggregate of a corner. The procedure causes the back slip point to surpass the front slip point so much that frequently the front wheels are guiding the other way toward the turn (for example vehicle is turning left, wheels are pointed right or the other way around, otherwise called inverse lock or counter-directing). Drifting is generally finished by grasp kicking (where the grasp is quickly separated and reconnected determined to agitate the hold of the back tires), then, at that point, deliberately oversteering and countersteering. This feeling of drift isn't to be mistaken for the four wheel float, an exemplary cornering strategy set up in Grand Prix and sports vehicle dashing. 

As a motoring discipline,drifting contests were first promoted in Japan during the 1970s and further advocated by the 1995 manga series Initial D. Drifting contests are held worldwide and are decided by the speed, point, dramatic artistry, and line taken through a corner or set of corners.

What are drifting games? 

drift hunters game is the demonstration of pushing a RWD vehicle into oversteer (when the back tires break footing and misbehave). Choke and counter-steer are applied to control the slide. To start oversteer, utilization of the choke, grip and handbrake are regularly utilized alongside weight move to break foothold.