New Delhi Vishnu Menon, 29, is a classic illustration of a gig worker, with multiple aqueducts of income. One of them is world777 gaming on YouTube and Twitch. Just many times ago, he might have been indicted of “ wasting time” or asked to get “ a real job”, but post the Covid-19 epidemic, comprehension about gaming is changing in India, and the assiduity’s prospects are looking brighter than ever.


With the epidemic confining social relations and other conditioning, numerous Indians looked to gaming to fulfill their requirements for connecting — and contending — with others.


So frequently associated with insulation and disposition, gaming is now increasingly being seen as a way to increase connection and participation in the world. Indeed, India now has professional gamers who contend, and earn, encyclopedia cally through brigades that come complete with a trainer, fitness educator, and agent.


In 2021, the online gaming audience in India grew 28 per cent to reach Rs 101 billion or crore ( roughlyUS$1.3 billion), according to a report published in March 2022 by EY, a global professional services company, and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).


The metamorphosis is similar in that the gaming assiduity is gaping at a boost to overUS$ 2 billion in 2023 fromUS$ 906 million in 2019, according to another cast by the All-India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and EY.


“ The Covid-19 epidemic was a test of the sector’s robustness and determination to grow despite the constraints,” Roland Landers, CEO of the AIGF, which is the apex body of the assiduity in India, told ThePrint one-mail. “ The Indian online gaming industry has seen a prominent rise in the number of druggies, profit, and investments.”

An cure to lockdowns

Online games were a source of relief and release to millions of people the world over who were going stir-crazy during lockdowns. Commonly, world777 gaming earnings also saw a massive boost.


Microsoft’s gaming profit, for case, increased 50 per cent for the quarter ending in March 2021; the company also noted that its Xbox Series X and S, launched in November 2020, witnessed “ demand that significantly exceeded force”.


With the huge supplement in gaming, indeed the WHO saw it fit to bear dispatches about health and fitness through tie-ups with gaming companies. India was part of the worldwide trend.

From entertainment to earning

Numerous players in India are viewing gaming not just as an avenue for entertainment and connection, but also as a way of earning during profitable query.


Vishnu Gopinath, a 30- time-old from Delhi, told ThePrint how gaming helps him broaden his midirs and also earn some cash at a time when job prospects downscaled due to the epidemic.

“ I played on Twitch, which is one of the platforms where gamers can potentially earn plutocrats. I earned some Rs- and I also interacted with people from different countries including Australia, the Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, and Ukraine,” he said.


Gopinath added that he's “ thankful” that he'd access to gaming. “ It helped during the time I demanded to hunt for a fiscal volition to keep myself round. This was a good side hustle for me and I plant like-inclined people who are now my musketeers,” he said.

Still, gaming still does n’t qualify as a prospective “ full- time” job indeed for players who earn some cash.


Vishnu Menon, mentioned at the morning of this report, uses his earnings to condense what he makes in another part- time job.