Curb appeal is the first impression your home gets, particularly when you are trying to sell it Blue world city map. Be sure to impress and draw in buyers to step inside. You're probably thinking curb appeal isn't the most important thing on your mind. Why would you want to spend time on the outside if the inside is already good enough?

The first impression that people create is the impression they are likely to stick with. Buyers form opinions within 8-10 seconds after seeing the home. When they pull up to the property its curb appeal will be the first feature they see.

And if the outside isn't properly maintained, then what makes the purchaser think that the inside of the home is clean and well-maintained? Here are 10 ways on how you can make the right impression on potential buyers with your curb appeal

1. Mow the lawn - The grass that is tall is an indication that you've moved away from there or don't bother. Either one is bad. If you have to get rid of your home prior to selling your house, make sure you arrange for a lawn service to come over weekly to keep the lawn maintained.

2. Mulch beds- When you've got flower gardens at the front of your house Rake the mulch so it looks fresh. Make sure the mulch has not receded enough to show the ground as bare. You can add more.

3. Get rid of weeds - Weeding can be an almost weekly chore, but it's a big difference with a beautiful garden. Weeds create clutter in a garden. Take them out and showcase the plants and shrubs.

4. Power wash the house/sidings out or rent an electric power washer to get your siding and walkways cleaned. It is the easiest way to freshen up the outside without painting. Just like you scrubbed those stove and kitchen counters, the sidewalk and siding need that same elbow grease.

5. Cut back the shrubs away from the house. I've seen many homes where the shrubs are planted directly in front of the house, and they seem to swallow up the whole house! Cut them back to the point that you are able to see the home. If you have tall trees on the property's front Lift the canopy of the tree by cutting down the lower branches so you can see the home , too.

6. Remove cobwebs and insect homes (wasp nests) • Walk through your home and clean up the cobwebs. If you power wash your house, you could have already caught these. Take note of any likely wasp nests that may be under the eaves and remove them. Not only will it help get the house clean It will also save you from having to worry about being in the future stung. If you have an infestation, make sure you call an expert to get them out immediately.

7. Wipe or clean the porch if you have an alcove or a porch near the front door, dirt and dust can accumulate here too. Make the front door area welcoming by adding a plant holder with a potted plant or a colorful chair.

8. House numbers must be clearly visible. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for house numbers. Make sure you put the numbers on your door or on the wall. Also, make sure that your mailbox has numbers on it too. If you don't have a mailbox, and your home is hidden behind a few trees, place a post to the side of your driveway and screw the numbers onto the post. This way, there's no confusion as to the address.

9. Front door stand out You'll be shocked at how many houses have numerous doors that are located on one side of the home. Make sure there's a clear path to the front door and you can't hide it with flowers or potted plants. The front of your house deserves a new coat of paint if it requires it.

10. Repair damaged or broken items (solar lights screens, steps) - I see these issues all the time. Solar lights are installed on the walkway, but they're missing tops and have fallen over or been trampled from the dogs. Repair them or take them off.