Xfinity router is the most popular and best selling router in the market. They work efficiently and are compatible with all the devices. They are user friendly and easy to setup. But that does not mean that the doesn’t have trouble working of errors once in a while. If you face any issue, you can reset Xfinity router. There can be many issues that can arise like router not working, some light blinking or not being able to connect to any device. Xfinity router reset help resolves most of the issue. It brings the router back to its original configuration and hence removing any bugs that were present. Most of the issues you have should be resolved through troubleshooting ways. But is those ways does not help, let’s see how to factory reset Xfinity router. There are two ways of resetting the router. If you do not remember the login credentials of the router, you can perform the hard reset using the reset button on the router. The process is quite simple. Just locate the reset button at the back of your router and follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to reset Xfinity router:

 Hold and press the reset button for 15-20 seconds. If you release the button immediately, the router will only reboot and not perform the reset.
 Release the button when you see the lights on the router starts flickering.
 The router will initiate the reset and reboot.
 It will be set to default settings when you restart the router.

Now, your router is back to factory default settings and therefore it is important to reset Xfinity router admin password. You can login using the default credentials and change the password. The default password for Xfinity router is the word spelled password.

Steps to reset Xfinity password:

 Go to
 Enter you ID and click Continue.
 There is a security check, you have to copy the exact letters in the provided box.
 Now, select a way to recover your password and click Continue.
 You would receive a reset code on your mobile number.
 Enter the code, when asked and click on Continue.

 At last, create and confirm your new password.

If you have performed the reset on your router and still find, Xfinity Wi-Fi not working. You can go through some of the troubleshooting ways to fix the error. Restart your modem through My Account online, go to the internet services tab, scroll down to devices and select restart modem. Start troubleshooting which can take up to ten minutes. Make sure your account is updated. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi for better connectivity.