Description is the most important writing technique of narrative, or it can be said that without description, it cannot be regarded as narrative. If you still face some difficulty, you can always get in touch with time4writing reviews online to get essays.


Middle school students often get headaches because they can't describe. The writing of the article is not long, the writing is not wonderful, the writing is not vivid, all related to the inability to describe.


Descriptive ability is a kind of comprehensive ability, so some people think that it can only be understood and cannot be explained in words. Many guide articles are also vague. In fact, as long as it is a common problem, you can always analyze the cause, and you can always summarize some rules.


Training according to the rules can improve the learning efficiency. The same is true for the improvement of description ability.


There are also three steps in the description of the composition. Borrowing the concept of logic, we also call it the "descriptive syllogism". 


For example, an ordinary descriptive sentence: "There is a flagpole on the playground, standing quietly, like a sentry loyal to his duty." The first sentence is a narrative, the second sentence is a description, and the third sentence is a metaphor. . The three sentences are combined to complete a complete description of an object.


"Narration" is mainly responsible for introducing the basic facts, general history and important background of people, things, and events, so that people can recognize the general outline of things, and it answers the question of "what is there". The narrative writing requirement is "clearly written." 


"Description" mainly describes the basic characteristics of people, objects, scenes, and stories, so that people can interpret them in more detail and clearly. What it answers is the question of "how". Metaphor is responsible for comparing the characteristics of a certain part of the description object with some common things, so that people can grasp the object more vividly and intuitively.


It answers the question of "what is like". For example: Opposite the school is a row of high-rise buildings. These buildings are more than 100 meters wide. They are all silver-white walls and golden roofs. From a distance, they look like a row of giants in armor.


Generally speaking, with these three steps, your introduction to something will be clearer, more vivid, and more touching.


Narrative articles are inseparable from description. Some ordinary things, after careful description, often become indescribably beautiful. In fact, this kind of description is not uncommon in our daily conversations.


For example, sentences like, "This guy does not talk about friendship, just like a white-eyed wolf", "This book has no value, it's just like rubbish", as long as Once you have mastered certain laws, you will find that there is almost nothing that cannot be described in syllogistic sentences. example:


  • Thermos-cold outside and hot inside-like an honest and enthusiastic friend
  • Eyes-revealing internal information-like windows


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