Updated on February 15 2022, by Hodey Johns. Those who are serious about Diablo 2: Resurrected will have to D2R ladder items spend hundreds of hours in the endgame. The leveling journey is an adventure. There's more than other modern-day leveling games but it's a finite journey compared to the final game, which has nearly no ending. So it stands to reason that if players intend to select a category that is relevant over longer It is important to pick one of the best. This list has been updated to include more details on why each class is considered one of the best options in the end. All classes can potentially work however, those that are considered to be the best have the highest chance of success.

Paladin.It's not difficult to say that the Paladin is the most effective late-game class for players in Diablo 2: Resurrected without many arguments. The general recognition has popped into the spotlight for one main reason that is the Hammerdin design can deal with any monster in any number.

It's not a class's job to tank damage against the most powerful bosses in the game. The goal is to deal destruction before attackers are able to get close. Because the Paladin is able to complete his entire light radius by d2r items for sale using Blessed Hammers but nothing is able to stand in close proximity after he's fully prepared.