The 9mm and 380 are two popular ammunition used for different types of firearms. But because they have balls of the same diameter, many don't know if they are the same or interchangeable. The most noticeable difference between 9mm Ammo and 380 is the length of their scales. The 380 is significantly shorter than 9mm, and you can quickly tell them apart at first glance. 

9mm Vs. 380 Ammo



  • The 9mm and 380 bullets can fly at the same speed, but the 9mm bullet's higher mass means it delivers more energy to the target.



  • This is directly related to braking power and the ability to do more damage. The only benefit of using 380 rounds is that the actual weapon can be made smaller and more concealed, an essential consideration for close-in bodyguards.



  • The 9mm shot will be too long to fit the 380 plan, and the 380 shot will not work correctly in the 9mm plan either because it is brief.



  • And even if you manage to fit a 9mm housing into a 380 ammo, it's still not recommended to do so. A firearm is designed to handle the expected tensions of the round to be used. If you use a 9mm round with more power, the forces applied to the firearm can exceed the limit and damage the weapon.


380 ACP vs. 9 mm Luger - which is best for you?


Choosing the correct Ammunition for target shooting and personal protection can be difficult, especially with two options for ammo, which differ but have many similarities. After all, you can't go wrong in a 380 x 9 mm debate. Both of them deliver the smooth performance and reliability you demand from a machine gun.


But if you are interested in recoil or want a small weapon, the .380 ACP may be the best choice. However, if you think you might enjoy testing your gun and your shooting skills at 50 or even 100 yards, the 9mm Luger is likely to please you.

Final Thoughts


Hopefully, you'll now have some idea of what ammunition works well for either exercise or self-defense, and you may now be able to decide to narrow down at least which bullet to try.


There are hundreds of different 9mm Ammo loads out there that will work!


If you want to try any of this ammo, I suggest you buy the smallest box you can find and try it out. If you are reliable and accurate in your rifle, then explore possible buys in large quantities.