Martech Interview with Nadya Khoja on content strategy


A strong organic strategy, means more visitors who you can narrow in on who already know your brand or are interested in the topics you’re covering. Nadya Khoja, Head of Content & Organic Growth at Sunnyside talks in an Martech interview on content strategy about how content plays a huge role in driving better engagement.


As the head of content at Sunnyside, building a revenue-focused content strategy to help the company scale acquisition via content and organic traffic growth. So it’s very much a content and SEO role. For instance, we consider ourselves the go to resource for mindful drinking, and so a lot of the content strategy revolves around being visible for that and educating people on the subject. Lot of the top of funnel content we develop is highly intent based. 


Content plays a huge role in the success of inbound marketing. Inbound is great if you’re either confident in a long lifecycle and have the resources to educate and nurture an audience, whereas paid might work better to get direct impact faster. Interactive content combined with a good angle and narrative can work well. If you want traffic, you have to accept that content might not always convert or generate leads. The rule of thumb is always that if I’m bored writing/ producing a piece of content, someone will be bored reading it.


About Nadya Khoja - Nadya Khoja is the Head of Content at Sunnyside. She has been featured in Forbes, CBC, Wall Street Journal, and many other notable publications. 


Anbout SunnySide - Sunnyside (formerly Cutback Coach) is a system for creating a more mindful approach to drinking to help you reach your goals. 


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