Magnolia's Derrian Ford

was the most sluggish among Arkansas' signees, falling 19 spots to madden 22 coins finish at No. 77. He is, however, an elite prospect.

While he fell four places in the rankings, he remained at No. 129, the Morrilton's Jose Pinion

Regained the fourth star he earned. Barry Dunning Jr.

, who plays as a player for McGill-Toolen and plays with McGill-Toolen Mobile, Ala., is still a three-star prospect . He checks in at the number. 134, which is down three places.

The 2022 rankings will be updated one more time following the McDonald's All-American Game, which is scheduled for the 29th of March in Chicago. If each one of them remains listed, Arkansas will tie its record for the most Rivals150 signings in one year, which is the same as the class of 2011 that had five.

The 10 high school signings who were signed by Eric Musselman have been Rivals150 prospects, as well. This is equal that of the total number of Rivals150 signees Arkansas had in the previous seven classes.

The bros who talk trash are from Madden

Andrew Belton makes a living playing Madden which is a sport that he doesn't particularly enjoy.

On his channel, he takes on "trash-talkers" who post infuriating Instagram DMs, and arguing with colorful language that they could kick his ass during the match. This is why Belton takes his time fighting with randos- and the occasional pro athlete -- while joking and taunting the people back to the benefit of his YouTube viewers. That's the part that he enjoys winning, especially against those who are irresponsible. He entices them to make dangerous passes and urges players to take risks in the fourth quarter, when the best option is to punt.

Watching Belton's channel, ABGotGame, the only thing he roasts more than his adversaries? Madden itself. It is a common refrain "This game is trash" and "this game is awful." Through every video, Belton is cursing the game's developer, EA Sports, like it's a villainous god. A sloppy throw? "EA!" Taking a bag? "EA! !" Missing an easy interception?

In January 2022, Belton posted a video titled "I've had this video never before...You will win EA...I'm never playing Madden again ..." But a week later, Belton posted another Madden video. If you'd been watching his channel for a while, like I was, you'd know Belton was never going to stop.

What's interesting is that Madden which is the sole NFL approved video games franchise, now 34 years going -- is that, despite its enormous popularity, you only ever hear is complaints about it.

The primary criticism, that is repeated frequently, is that each season's latest version is an incremental improvement over the last. Since EA Sports has the exclusive license, it is the sole company that has the ability to create the "simulation-style" NFL game. Thus springs an argument that the developer is under no pressure to meaningfully improve the game each year. In 2020, a viral Twitter campaign called for the league's decision to introduce EA as its official partner #NFLDropEA. Yet, despite the social media outrage and the coordinated review-bombing on the game's Metacritic pages, Madden 21 sales were at a record high. This year's Madden 22 did well, also, and the series is still the highest-selling sporting franchise of all time.

The critics hail from a vocal minority, but one of the minority groups whose work is to be extremely vocal. I'm talking about YouTubers who make a living making videos by streaming themselves playing a sport that they claim they hate.

The wide range of YouTubers' interests reveals just how large the game is today. There are YouTubers like Belton who upload video of themselves playing and there's a variety of users uploading techniques and tips, and then there are those who are dedicated to dunking on Madden.

In the fall of last year, a channel called SOFTDRINKTV uploaded a 14-minute film titled "The worst Madden of All Time," which was followed by a 19-minute film titled "Madden NFL 22 isn't good - review." They returned to a similar well recently with a video titled "Everything Wrong with Madden NFL 22 (in 16 minutes)." The narration of that one opens memorably but not quite so dramatically: "This is the kind of game that causes you to want to stick an eyeball in cheap madden nfl 22 coins your thumb. When you play Madden 22, the gift of life becomes a curse. You'll never want to be alive. It is a source of existential fear."