Context of electric arc candle lighter

In the context of the current lighter market, there are the following types of lighters: gas-type lighters, kerosene-type lighters, electric heater-type lighters, and electric arc candle lighter. The electric arc candle lighter generally includes a casing, an arc ignition assembly and an arc ignition switch used to control the arc ignition assembly to perform the ignition action. The arc ignition assembly includes a power supply, a high-voltage generating device and an arc generating head. The output end of the power supply and the high-voltage generating device power supply connection, the arc generating head includes at least one group of discharge electrode groups, each group of discharge electrode groups includes two discharge electrodes that cooperate with each other for discharge, the discharge electrodes are electrically connected to the output end of the high-voltage generating device, and the output of the arc ignition switch The ignition switch signal is used for the on-off connection of the power supply to the power supply circuit of the discharge electrode group.

principle of electric arc candle lighter

Arc ignition is a combination of arc and pulse principles, through the continuous discharge of pulse arc, the ignition port reaches a higher temperature to achieve smoke lighting. Compared with the traditional cigarette lighter, the current is heated through the metal and the metal resistance is used to make it reach a certain temperature to light the cigarette, which can achieve high-frequency continuous use, unlimited continuous use times, and unlimited continuous use time. This method has the characteristics of pressing and clicking, less residual temperature, convenient operation, fast cigarette lighting, maintenance-free, no need to replace consumables, easy care, low maintenance cost, etc., and no open flame is generated, which is safer and has been widely used. Used for various occasions where a cigarette is required.

development trend of electric arc candle lighter

This is also the development direction of cigarette lighters in the future. In this field, ZhongDaAn Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of the industry. Its ZhongDaAn series arc electronic cigarette lighters are imitated by the same industry. On the basis of the arc ignition method, the cigarette lighter is subdivided into special cigarette lighters for airport smoking rooms, special cigarette lighters for station smoking rooms, special cigarette lighters for factories, special cigarette lighters for ships and oil well platforms, etc.

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