Strengthening Customer Service & Support with chatbots


Tech and innovation have brought a wave of advancements in communication systems. But how have CRM and chatbots bolstered customer service and support? Customer support is at the forefront. Customers need easy-to-understand and hassle-free support while installing, maintaining, upgrading, training, and disposing of a product. It’s an act of sustaining customer relationships & strengthening customer service chatbots & CRM. Retaining customers is a long-term benefit that completes a full circle for your business.


While data management and analytics aid in data-driven marketing, it’s crucial to use them effectively in maintaining good customer connections. So, how do CRM and chatbots come in handy in giving an enriching customer experience? Here’s an article highlighting the need for tech advancements in customer service and support with CRMs and chatbots in the picture-


The Difference - Customer service and customer support have different aspects. Though the ultimate goal of both is helping the customer, knowing the difference between the terms can put customer needs on the center stage.


Customer support refers to a particular set of customer interactions related to a specific product or service. Whereas, customer service encompasses customer interactions for all stages of the buyer journey. So we can say that customer support is a part of customer service. CRM and chatbots go hand in hand. That means enhancing your CRM requires a good addition of chatbots. Looking at the current scenarios, the maximum number of customer service and sales agents agree that tech involvement in the business process is way behind time.


AI and automation to rescue! - Customers sometimes cannot make out the difference between a chatbot and human interaction with an efficient chatbot system in place. So, companies must look out for software and automation that go well with their organizational needs.


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