HP printers are well-known for the high-quality prints they produce. They provide all of their consumer's enticing promotions and services about free shipping and returns. You may have an HP printer in your home or office. However, what happens if your printer fails to function properly, or why is my hp photosmart 6520 not printing black?

What Should You Do If Your HP 6520 Printer Isn't Printing Black?

Eliminate The Blocked Cartridge

The following are some possible solutions to the hp photosmart 6520 not printing black issue. Please proceed through the following issues one by one.

An obstruction in the printer head vent could be causing the HP 6520 Not Printing Black issue. As a result, your printhead is rendered incapable of printing in black or any other color. To fix this, take these steps:

  1. Activate your HP printer.
  2. On your HP printer, remove the cartridge panel.
  3. Allow your printhead to self-reset.
  4. Remove both the printhead and the color units.
  5. It is now necessary to clean the print head.
  6. It should be thoroughly cleaned with water and then blotted dry with a flat towel.
  7. You must reinstall it in your HP printer after cleaning and drying.
  8. Reintroduce all of the accessories to their respective locations.
  9. Conduct a test print to determine the quality of your printing. Printing is accessible in both black and CYMK color modes.

Utilize The Printer's Utility

  1. Examine the Ink in the Cartridge
  2. Maintain the Switch On the mode of your printer.
  3. Open the cartridge panel on the printer's hood.
  4. Ink cartridges and the empty cartridge container should be replaced with new high-quality cartridges.
  5. Make the most of the printer's screen.
  6. On the screen, look for the () signal (Left corner)
  7. Locate the Tool option using the screen's side directional arrows.
  8. From the Tool menu, select Ok.
  9. You can now monitor the ink levels in your cartridges. Select it and press the OK button.

Utilize The Self-Regulating Cleaning Device

  1. You will need to return to the Printer Screen.
  2. Return to the Tool selection by selecting the () sign and using the directional arrows.
  3. After picking the Tool option, press Ok once again.
  4. Locate the Print head cleaning option using the right arrow.
  5. The print head will require some time to self-clean.
  6. After the cleaning procedure is complete, you will automatically obtain a test print.

If both treatments were completed satisfactorily, you should be set to go. Almost certainly, the issue with your hp photosmart 6520 not printing black will be resolved. However, if you still have a detective test print. To analyze it, follow the steps below:

  1. Return to the tool selection screen to inspect the quality of the test print.
  2. Select the print quality report using the directional arrow.
  3. You will receive the entire quality report.

By doing the above-mentioned test, you can determine if your ink cartridge has a problem. Proceed to the subsequent stage.

Alignment & Defective Ink Cartridge Removal

Defective ink cartridges may also result in printing issues, such as a blank page or the inability of your HP printer to create black color. Follow these simple methods to resolve the HP 6520 Not Printing Black issue:

  1. Power Utilization of an HP printer
  2. Allow the cartridge to go to the center by opening the printer panel.
  3. To remove the ink units, gently press them out of the print head slots.
  4. It is necessary to verify the expiration date. Replace them if they have passed their expiration date.
  5. Now is the moment to deactivate the printer's control panel.
  6. Visit the Printer Screen for information about printer alignment demonstrations, paper loading, and color unit calibration.
  7. To conclude the information demonstration, click Ok.
  8. The printer will initiate the alignment process automatically.
  9. After removing the scanner from the stack, place a test print on it.
  10. The printer's screen will display the information. On it, click the OK button.
  11. Your printer is now positioned optimally.

Here are five points to keep in mind to ensure that you never have to deal with the hp photosmart 6520 not printing black issue again.

Always Bear In Mind The Following:

  1. HP cartridges were installed as directed by the manufacturer.
  2. While physically cleaning the print head of an HP printer. Keep the printer in the off position.
  3. Never install a new cartridge without first removing the shielding strip.
  4. Ink cartridge nozzles should never be physically damaged.
  5. Before inserting the ink cartridges, ensure that they fit properly.

HP printers are well-known for the high quality of their printing. They provide all of their consumers with enticing offers and services, such as free shipping and returns, that they find tempting. You might have an HP printer at your residence or place of business. The question is, what happens if your printer fails, or why is my hp photosmart 6520 not printing black?