As everyone knows, the steam platform has millions of fans, where you can upload and download online games, and you can also enjoy free games. Free games only have partial rights. More exciting is in the paid section. The most important thing in the paid section is Synthetic cards.

There are 5 levels in a badge, and one level gains 100 experience. STEAM level 1~10 upgrade requires 100 experience, that is, you need to level up once. STEAM level 11~20 upgrade requires 200 experience, that is, you need to level up twice, and other remaining cards will not continue to drop, but obtained through purchase. Generally, only 3 cards are lost in the game, and there are at least 5 in the synthesis. Generally, the card is not expensive, the price is around 0.30~1.00, but this is the price of a card!

Combining cards is also the simplest and rude way to upgrade STEAM. As for how to synthesize cards, I will introduce them below. Co-card refers to the cards that are randomly dropped when playing the game. After collection, you can synthesize badges to gain experience. Synthesizing cards and upgrading accounts is a very time-consuming activity. Players can buy them from the trusted website MMOSO. You can directly purchase Steam Level Up to synthesize cards and upgrade directly at a discounted price.

In the following analogy, the higher the level, the more times you need to synthesize, which also means the more money you spend. Steam profile background, for example, if you synthesize a badge of a horror game, you will get wallpaper for this game. The background can be modified in the Steam profile. The background is divided into ordinary and rare. The rare thing is the most expensive. No more explanation, So sometimes you can make a little money with the card.

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