In the field of cold plate (heat sink) welding in the power electronics industry, aluminum vacuum brazing and friction stir welding (FSW) are widely used in two different welding processes in the field of cold plate (heat sink) products, each welding process has its own advantages, and there are certain differences and different priorities.

Principle and characteristics of vacuum brazing

1.Vacuum brazing is to heat the structural parts under vacuum,it is applied to high quality product and oxidizable material;

2.Vacuum brazing is solid phase connection,the base material will not melt when welding,as the melting temperature of solder is lower than the base material, the heat temperature is lower than the base material's solid line but higher than the solder's.

3.It heat the structural parts and the solder till melt at suitable temperature and time. The liquid solder will infiltrate the surface and gap of the base material, totally mix together with the base material.

4.Vacuum brazing removes oxide film with different mechanism of actions in vacuum environment. It improves the corrosion resistance as it doesn’t use flux.

5.The invasive and fluidity is very good, so it can weld relatively complex and narrow position, and it can improve the yield.

The advantages of vacuum brazing

1.It can weld several neighboring welding joint as a whole surface at one time,it can also superimposed loading, weld several components at the same time, improve the welding efficiency ;

2.All the welded products can bear 30bar internal pressure without deformation;

3.Universal tooling, one-time input cost;

4.The workpiece is heated evenly , small thermal stress . The amount of deformation can be controlled to the minimum, and a small margin can be achieved and processed easily;

5.The workpiece is under vacuum, no oxidation, carbonization, decarburization and pollution deterioration. Welding joints are beautiful and have no leaks ,not easy to corrode ;

6.Cold plate channel structure can be designed complexly according to parameters ,which can make the product achieve better performance and more stable heat dissipation characteristics

The disadvantages of vacuum brazing

1.The hardness of the cold plate will be lower after high temperature welding, so the cold plate need to do heat treatment again to improve the hardness which lead the cost increases.

2.The welding process requires high technological standard, which takes long time and high energy.

3.High cost of environmental protection.

vacuum brazing of liquid cooled plate

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